Monday, September 19, 2016


Yesterday my daughter-in-law and I did a little antique shopping. We took my granddaughter with us. There were free babysitters available but she wanted to go so we let her. She behaved as you would expect a two-year-old to behave in an antique store - running around touching everything - so we actually did more toddler watching than antique shopping but overall she was really good so I bought her this:

Based on the style I would guess it's from the 1960's or earlier. It has a squeaker that still works. She fell in love with it and immediately decided to name it Angel. I'm glad she picked it because I think it's adorable. One of the ladies in the store said she was happy that it was going to a good home.

It's enjoyable to speculate about the history of things like this and imagine what kind of "life" it had before. It mostly likely started out as a Christmas or birthday gift because kids didn't used to get toys just because. Then it might have been passed on to younger siblings then the next generation. On the other hand, it seems to have been well cared for so maybe after its original owner outgrew it it was put in a closet or attic and forgotten about. Now it has a new "life" after who knows how many years.

And I bought this for myself:

I have always liked Blue Willow dishes and I especially like the cups with the picture on the inside like this one or any cup or mug with a picture on the inside. This one is, unfortunately, a bit awkward and uncomfortable to hold so I might not actually use it much but I love it anyway.


  1. I love antiquing and I love speculating on the "past lives" things may have had. (My favorite is a book I bought in McKinney, Texas, but that was published in Great Britain and bore a stamp from a bookshop in Baghdad....)

    I miss antiquing; I haven't had time to go in a LONG time and it's more effortful to get to places right now.