Friday, September 30, 2016

Just For Fun

The top 5 things I might do if I woke up one day to find that I was a multi-billionare. I'm not saying all of these things, just one or two but these are the top five I would consider.

1. Start my own TV network - Programming would be science fiction and fantasy and science documentary. I would hire Neil deGrasse-Tyson and put him in charge of non-fiction programming to insure that no psuedo-science ever aired. Of course, Joss Whedon would be in charge of fiction programming. I would also bring back Saturday morning cartoons with all science fiction, fantasy, and super hero cartoons. Saturday evenings would be billed "Bad Movie Night" and would feature B-movies from the 1950's, with a host doing humorous introductions and commentary.

2. Buy an NFL team and move it to Oklahoma - I don't have any particular team in mind but I'm thinking it should be one from a state that already has more than their fair share of teams. Looking at you Florida and California, especially.

3. Start a company to make women's clothing and accessories, mainly undergarments and shoes because I have the hardest time finding acceptable underwear and shoes.

4. Start a car company - All my vehicles would be modern and energy efficient but with only complete retro styling.

5. Buy property on Mars and open a luxury resort - Well, in reality I couldn't but does this look anything like reality?

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