Monday, September 12, 2016

Laziest Weekend Ever

I really didn't intend to spend the whole weekend watching the Star Trek marathon but I pretty much did. My plan was to do a lot of sewing and quilting but I did none. I did do some laundry and cooked meals and the usual minimum necessary tasks but a lot of that was done during commercial breaks. I also took a break from ST to watch a couple of hours of HGTV and last night we watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier but it all adds up to spending a shocking amount of time in front of the TV. But it was fun. I actually don't normally spend hours and hours in front of the TV.

When you think about it, it's surprising how well the original Star Trek holds up after 50 years. Of course, some of the details are laughable but overall the stories are still interesting and valid. The sad thing is, when I was a kid watching it I was sure that it was going to change the world, in that bigotry would be history by now but it's still with us. We have all this technology seemingly inspired by Star Trek - personal computers, mobile phones, etc. - but this one big, important thing that ST is famous for having addressed is still as much of a problem as ever. Maybe it's because you can't change human nature? Well, I think you could but only if the individual humans want to change.

I still have a bunch of episodes on my DVR that aired in the middle of the night but I'm going to save them for a few days, maybe until next weekend. I hadn't seen TOS in a really long time. I've always thought it strange that none of the channels ever show it anymore, only The Next Generation.

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