Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Well Sh*t!

Dreams can be so cruel sometimes. Last night I dreamed that Hilary Clinton won the election with 65% of the vote. It seemed so real but then I woke up and it was a little after 2:00am. I was tempted to grab my phone and check the election results right then but I didn't. I just went back to sleep instead. Then I had another weird dream in which a tiny orphan girl was following me around and after a while I picked her up and she was clinging to me and wouldn't let go. The election dream I can understand but this other... how does my brain manage to make up such stuff? Also, in part of the earlier dream I was looking in my t-shirt drawer for something to wear and I had all these great t-shirts. I have had versions of that dream before and it's always a disappointment to wake up and realize I don't actually own those clothes I dreamed.

Anyway, the election. First thing this morning I Tweeted, "Why wait? Impeach the bastard now!" but then I thought better of it. If they did manage to remove the Donald from office we would be stuck with Mike Pence, who would be more "presidential" but functionally probably actually worse. I still say that everything Donald said during the campaign was just for show and we have no idea what he will actually do in office. An evil part of me is hoping he will surprise his supporters in a bad way by being more liberal than they were expecting. More realistically, I think he's going to be a disaster economically and in foreign policy and a major embarrassment to the country. Oh well, the one bright side: at least Alec Baldwin (and a lot of other comedians) will have job security for the next four years.

Locally, all the State Questions went the way I wanted except for two and those two I was really on the fence about anyway so I'm not terribly disappointed about any of that. I'm not happy about our senators and representatives or pretty much any other elected official in our state but nothing has really changed there, just different names and faces.


  1. FWIW, I regularly dream about having a pet or a child that needs me greatly and that I can't care for properly. I think it's that I fundamentally worry a lot about fulfilling my responsibilities in life.

    I dunno. I was thinking this morning, "At best, this will maybe be like one of those forgettable mid-19th C. presidents, like Polk or Tyler, who did some not-so-cool stuff but it got fixed later." What I don't like is that I suspect this empowers people who think that being rude to others is really being "honest and genuine" and we see a lot more ugliness in the world. (Well. I don't have to join in. I can actively resist doing that.)

    1. Yeah, that might be the worst - the rudeness. But I don't know... for eight years we had a highly civilized president and that fact didn't do anything to raise the level of discourse in the country as a whole so maybe that's just the direction we're going and the election of Trump is just a symptom.