Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Book Quote

I just found this in my Drafts. It's from weeks ago. I don't know why I didn't go ahead and post it at the time but anyway, here it is.

* * *

From The Last Humans by Dima Zales:

"This confirms my theory that bullies are secretly pussies."


  1. Yeah, I would agree with that quote. Speaking as someone who has more experience than she'd like in dealing with bullies. (Also many bullies are extraordinarily thin-skinned and insecure, or at least that's true of the adult bullies I've experienced)

  2. I could mention an example of thin-skinned and insecure - someone who is in the news a lot lately? - but that would be unnecessary. ;-)

  3. I had a bad boss (a woman) years back who was a bully. A friend told me two helpful things: first, that I was likely to go much farther in my life than she ever would and so she probably felt threatened by my intelligence and drive, and second, "You only have to work with her; she has to LIVE with herself."