Monday, February 12, 2018

Cold Weather Vices

Hot chocolate! In particular, Land O' Lakes hot chocolate in wonderful flavors like cinnamon and caramel. I don't have any right now. Last year I ordered it from Amazon. The Reasor's here has it and I did buy a couple of the big containers but they don't have all the flavors.

But anyway, that's gone now and I wasn't going to buy any more because calories. I decided (again) that I'm just going to drink hot tea this winter but last time I was at Walmart I saw they had Great Value salted caramel hot chocolate mix in the big round containers. (which turned out to be only half full. I know stuff settles but really?) I hesitated to buy it because I was like "Ewwww Great Value brand" but "salted caramel" won. I bought it and darn it, it's actually pretty good. Not up there with Land O' Lakes but really not bad and it mixes up as well as Land O' Lakes. It doesn't leave lumps that won't mix no matter how much you stir like some other cheap hot chocolate mixes.

I have some Chocolate Candy Cane tea from The Spice and Tea Exchange and it is heavenly but there's just something about hot cocoa - the creaminess of it - for which there is just no substitute. Someone on Twitter suggested Swiss Miss because it has on 60 calories per packet? Sorry, that makes sense but it also tastes like it only has 60 calories.

There's no fix for this. I will just have to consume less of something else and hope the weather warms up soon.


  1. This is interesting to me because now that I like tea, hot chocolate seems too thick to me, and too MUCH.

    I do put sugar (well, golden syrup) and sometimes a little milk in some of my teas, but I'm guessing the added sugar is still less than the average soda would have.

    I have an Adagio tea called Peppermint Bark (green tea, mint, chocolate nibs, and I think a few other things?) that I really like (I had to just order more).

    (They say: Vanilla Green, Chocolate Chai, and Peppermint blend.)

    1. Hmmm... I might try that when my Chocolate Candy Cane tea is gone. I have too many teas right now that I'm not drinking very often.

  2. If you're interested, e-mail me, I think there's some way I can refer-a-friend and you get a (small) gift certificate.

    1. Thank you but I really have too much tea already right now. I don't need to order any more for a while. Also, I have ordered from Adagio before so I wouldn't be a new customer.