Monday, December 4, 2017

Jim Nabors

I almost hate to post this because I don't want this to become primarily a death blog and it seems I post so little else these days but...

I never liked Gomer Pyle. Even as a small child I had a severely low tolerance for... how shall I put this? Let's say, annoyingly unsophisticated characters. To be honest, I hated Gomer Pyle, the TV show and the character. I knew, of course, that Jim Nabors was just an actor playing a character but I didn't put any thought into what he might really be like.

At some point I discovered that he was an incredible singer. I was amazed and delighted. Now I think it's a fairly well known fact and I hope that he will be remembered for his singing at least as much as for that silly TV show.


  1. I always found it uncomfortable, as a child, when an adult seemed to act silly, brainless, or clueless. Gomer Pyle (and the Andy Griffith Show) were in reruns by then, but yeah, I had a hard time watching those kinds of shows.

    1. Me, exactly. And I haven't much grown out of it as an adult.