Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Trees Are Always Beautiful

This morning the sun came out for the first time in five days? I can't even remember when I last saw it. I hate when we have a long string of cold gray days. I'm a summer person. I like warm or even hot days and green leaves and flowers. But even in weather like we've been having lately I find that it lifts my spirits to get outside for just a little bit. I took these pictures yesterday.

Do you ever stop and take time to really look at bare trees?

I do miss the leaves in winter and oak trees leaf out so late. By March I am extremely impatient to see some green.

But for now, I'm satisfied to enjoy nature's winter art show.

And here's one of our neighbor's pond.


  1. It used to be overcast weather didn't bother me at all (and actually, the relentless bright sun of summer DID), but for some reason this winter all the overcast days (and it looks like today's gonna be another one, based on how the sky looks) have been getting to me.

    Aging? Side effect of one of my medications leading me to require more light exposure? I don't know. I wonder how expensive those "daylight boxes" they suggest for SAD sufferers are...

    1. One or two overcast days don't bother me but nearly a whole week of them starts to get me down.

  2. Coming as I do from a family of carpenters, master joiners and undertakers I ought to know more about trees than I do: I can hardly identify any species of tree. Someone once told me I have a great affinity for wood in that I know how to make things from it, but I ought to be more aware of trees. Far too many trees are felled without good cause and I don't just mean the Rainforests.