Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Random Linkage

The Sound of Imaginary Islands

World's Fastest Museum - a beautiful modern train

Discourse Markers - Like, you know, filler words in French and other languages.

Victory Display - Some gestures are hardwired into our brains, not learned.

The Great Wallpaper Rebellion - We're talking about the stuff you glue to your walls that everyone thinks is tacky. I like wallpaper but, sadly, I won't be putting any of this on my walls.

Overheard in Walmart - I must live in a really boring part of the country. Not only do I rarely see anything People of Walmart worthy, I don't even hear any interesting bits of conversation.

Secret Rooms

Mini-Truck Garden Contest - One more example of the Japanese being awesome

Kitschatron - A Tumblr that I must take time to explore soon.

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