Thursday, March 8, 2018

And So It Begins?

The AI take-over that is. You may have heard that some Alexa users are being freaked out by random creepy laughter coming from Alexa. Coming so soon after last week's super creepy X-Files episode, it's only natural that one's first thought might be, "Is this how the AI take-over starts?" But even as I was joking about it on Twitter I was thinking hacker. Some pimply-faced little dweeb is sitting in his parents' basement having a good laugh. However, Amazon says Alexa is merely misunderstanding "lights" for "laughs". Some people though, have described it as an evil laugh, not Alexa's normal, pleasant laugh.

I still haven't abandoned my notion that it's caused by a hacker but if this is the beginning of the AI take-over, be it known that I welcome our electronic overlords.


  1. for one thing, I'm totally willing to accept it's a hacker - maybe even someone at Amazon who got pink-slipped and is having a bit of a larf on his way out.

    But also: if one can hack Alexa to make it laugh, one can hack it to make it do much worse things....turning down the thermostat in the dead of winter, for example?

    I still don't trust the Internet of Crap.

    1. My feelings exactly. And what about the app for locking or unlocking your door with your phone. Just the fact that exists kind of freaks me out.

    2. Yes, the remote locking/unlocking just seems like a really bad idea. I know they say it's "secure," but there isn't a secure thing I know of that a determined criminal hasn't found a way in to.