Monday, May 1, 2017


Fillyjonk said something that caught me by surprise. Talking about Willie Nelson, that "He doesn't have a beautiful singing voice..." When I really think about it, I suppose that's true. He doesn't have the kind of voice that people normally think of as beautiful but I have always loved it.

I am attracted to unique voices, at least in popular music. With operatic singing I'm more interested in the music itself. I expect operatic voices to be well trained and I only want the singers to respect the music and "sing it right." But with popular music I want to hear voices that don't sound like all the other voices.

She mentioned Hallelujah. I hadn't heard Willie Nelson's version of that and I've had a certain fascination with that song recently so of course I listened to it. I was a little disappointed, probably because I have developed certain expectations for the song, so I'm posting one of my favorites instead.

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