Tuesday, April 11, 2017

In With the New, Out With the Old

I have such a hard time letting go, even of things that I don't really like all that much anymore. The plate on the left in the first photo below is maybe 30 years old. I originally bought 4 10 inch plates and four 8 inch plates. They're actually a pretty hefty plastic, thicker and better than typical plastic plates but two of the large ones and one of the small ones eventually broke. Last year I finally found somewhere I could buy DallasWare in a small quantity. (They're a restaurant item, usually only available in cases of 48.) I bought 12 blue 10 inch plates and threw out the two yellow plates in that size but kept the three remaining smaller ones. The three that are left have stains that won't come out. I even bleached them and that helped some but there are still faint stains.

I had been looking at these aquatic themed plates at Walmart. I fondled them and left them in the store several times because I "don't need anymore plates." I thought about buying just one so my granddaughter will have something bright and colorful to eat off of when she comes over but today I finally gave in to the impulse and bought four of them. Which means I must let go of the old.

It shouldn't be hard at all to throw out some old, stained plastic plates that we don't even use all that often anymore but... but... they have been part of my life for almost 30 years. My children ate off of those plates! Okay, I did throw them away and right this moment I am resisting the urge to get them back out of the trash. Have you ever heard of such silliness?

I'm sure these new plates won't last that long. According to the label they are only "top rack dishwasher safe" but I know sooner or later (almost certainly sooner) someone is going to put them in the bottom rack and I won't notice and there goes my pretty new plate. Also, while they seem to be fairly decent quality I don't expect them to last more than a few years. Which, I'm kind of okay with because they were cheap enough but, for that reason, it seems sort of wrong to throw away something that is "still good" in favor something new and probably not as good.

Well, all that's probably more of the inside of my head than you ever wanted to see. Here are two more of the new plates. There were only three different designs so I bought two of the fish. When I got home I wondered why I chose two of the fish when the starfish is actually my favorite but I'm really not too disappointed with my choice. I like them all. I really wish there had been four different designs.

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