Monday, March 6, 2017

Random Linkage

Clouds - This guy says we should spend more time talking about clouds. It does seem like a better topic for conversation than most I have been hearing lately.

Spiritual Perception - A beautiful surreal art Tumblr. Beautiful! I am so in love with this site!

Kawaii Monster Cafe - Not very monstrous. A colorful and fun Japanese cafe.

Ambiguous Abbreviations - Or perhaps one could say, unfortunate.

Food Carving - Artist plays with food

Ted Wilson Reviews the World - A hilarious review of butter.

Russian Fairy Tale Portraits - Beautiful portrait photography.

Real photographs that look like paintings

Village of Flowers - A Polish village with flowers painted on everything. Wonderful!

The Turban Trick - an interesting bit of history

Ambient Geek Sleep Aids - Background noise from science fiction movies and TV shows

Miniature Environments by Song Kang - Fascinating sculptures


  1. I wish we had things like the cat cafes, or the kawaii monster cafes, or (best of all) Moomin cafes here. Even though I might be a bit uncomfortable walking in given how far out of the intended demographic I probably am (age wise). Sometimes I suffer from a shortage of cute and fun stuff in my town.

    1. I think we could all benefit from a lot more cuteness and quirkiness in our lives.